In growing any business, content is key. Good content is part of building the networks that are essential for any business: competitors, employees, referrals. Fans even. For most of us this means social networking through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among others. It also means starting from scratch – no followers and no reach to speak of.

Now look at LinkedIn.

It has over 380 million members, it’s one of the top 10 most visited websites on the internet, and more importantly, you’re already there. LinkedIn Pulse is a blogging platform for businesses that taps into your existing professional clout. It provides a platform that is inseparable from the professional networks that you, your employees and your followers already have.

Here are some tips on how to use LinkedIn Pulse to turn that potential into progress.

  1. Trade memes for meaningful content

LinkedIn isn’t like Facebook or Twitter. It’s for your professional identity, and only for this identity. Memes and gifs might be funny and earn you a laugh or two, but LinkedIn is about trust and reputation. Produce and post content that is of value to your industry. LinkedIn Pulse was originally an exclusive function for well-known influencers like Richard Branson to share their insights and business acumen, so use it like an influencer. Your business’ expertise will shine through.

  1. SEO or see you later

LinkedIn being in the top 10 highest traffic websites on the internet makes it more likely that Google will index LinkedIn content than traditional blog posts. Take control of this by choosing tags for your post based on the content itself as well as your audience. You can add up to 3 tags for each post so choose carefully. Start with the industry and work your way up to the core subject matter of the post. For example, a post about marketing for online retailers might be tagged with ‘marketing’, ‘retail’ and ‘SEO’.

  1. Bring the audience to you – wherever they are

Use social media to take audiences to your LinkedIn Puse page and vice versa. Last year, Forbes’ traffic from LinkedIn increased by 127% in just 6 months. While it can be difficult to ensure your Facebook or Twitter posts reach your target audience, on LinkedIn your content goes straight into the news feeds of your target audience, your network. Cross-promoting content is an easy way to make sure you speak to members of that network on other platforms too.

  1. Don’t just leverage the network, be part of it

Much of the benefit of posting content to LinkedIn comes from addressing your target audience directly but don’t forget to engage with your audience in return. Reply to insightful comments or tweet the piece to influencers in your industry. Take note of LinkedIn users that regularly engage with content and consider connecting with them. Not only might they be a possible resource to draw on in future, but they’ll receive your content directly to their feed. If you’re aiming to become an industry leader a little goodwill will go a long way.

Before you start building your community on LinkedIn, make sure that your company page is looking it’s best. Download our guide on How to Create the Perfect Company Page on LinkedIn.