Project Brief

Show Group required a website revamp with a fresh and modern look to re-establish Showgroup’s reputation as a leader in their field to new customers that were being aggressively targeted by competitors. The previous website was dated in look and content, it was not responsive and did not present the client and their business as the industry leader that they are. Our direction was to deliver a website that adheres to business goals and user goals of Show Group. Our key focus was to provide an engaging user-experience that was aimed at generating enquires and building the brand presentation.

The Challenge

In the past Show Group had relied on their string reputation and word of mouth, however as their competitors began to aggressively go after the same business they saw a need to become more competitive in the digital marketing ecosystem. The first step was to understand the clients requirements and the various dynamics around the clients existing systems. The analysis covered all aspects of the clients’ business and their needs, as the website will be eventually be integrated into these systems. We also wanted to show case the great work that the client had been involved in and their calibre and years of experience but due to client confidentiality we had to look into different ways of presenting their achievements.

The Solution

By developing a new website focusing on user experience and contemporary design, we were able to position Show Group online as the leading experts in niche areas of travel in which they work.

Show Group Gallery

Final Result & Client Satisfaction


Show Groups website revamp impressed existing client and instilled further confidence in their partnerships. We were able to effectively present Show Groups wealth of experience with large and well-known projects, thus demonstrating the calibre of their work and their trustworthy reputation. This has opened doors to new business opportunities with an increase in calls and email enquires through the online website form.  This re-instated Show Groups reputation online as an industry leader in their market and raised their bar on their competitors.

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