Project Brief

Enhance organic search presence driving more traffic and engagement delivering better quality leads to their website and outperforming competitors in search rankings.

The Challenge

Some of the search terms MSS Security were targeting were highly competitive, and MSS did not have as strong a brand presence through organic search as some of their competitors.

The Solution

By tailoring a campaign around the terms that would be most relevant to their unique audience, we increased the relevancy of the results thereby greatly increasing the SEO benefits, as well as improving the quality of the leads they were receiving.

MSS Search Results

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

  • Google Page 1 rankings on over 250 target search terms
  • Google top 3 rankings on over 100 target terms.
  • Over 60% growth in non-paid search traffic to the website.
  • SEO now contributes over 75% of the entire website traffic.

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