Project Brief

Build an App for Parchem Construction Supplies for their target audience of trade users, to help make selecting and calculating product quantities easier. Include 3 tools, a Surface Area Calculator, a Primer Estimator and Primer Selector Tool, with the ability to record user interaction and to gain marketing intelligence on the most popular products and quantities used.

The Challenge

The first app Parchem created, the project needed to be scaleable, usable and accessible. The target audience was tradies, which they believed were not overly tech-savvy and needed a very easy-to-use solution. It would also need to work optimally on mobile with large and easy to use controls. The app also needed to be accessible from most popular phones and tablets including both Apple and Android phones.

The Solution

We developed a Tool Box mobile application that is both accurate and easy-to-use. We created a clean interface with large buttons and spinning wheels to make it suitable for tradies to use on site. We tested the calculation tool thoroughly, ensuring it was accurate and that technical data and documents were available in remote locations where internet connectivity is poor. By creating a responsive design the app presented perfectly across all devices with the information resizing to suit the device.

Mobile Application Designs

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

Parchem felt the final product was exactly what they needed to add value to their existing clients and to give them a better insight into how their customers purchased and used their products. It stood out from their competitors and offered their do-it-yourself customers a useful tool guide for their home renovation projects.

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