Project Brief

Create a monthly newsletter to nurture prospects with relevant and convincing content and identify those most open to a meeting with the sales team.

The Challenge

Sales teams at BCD were finding it hard to get quality appointments due to the perceived difficulty of switching corporate travel companies. Despite being much smaller, competitors were gaining traction from using innovative digital marketing.

The Solution

As part of a larger digital strategy, Websalad created a monthly newsletter which included content at the convert stage of the buyers journey, which highlighted the companies benefits and points of difference against competitors as well as a strong Call to Action.

Conceptual Design Samples

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

BCD was able to increase their marketing qualified leads, through email personalisation and lead nurturing workflows.

  • Open rates increased by 35%
  • Of those opened emails click-through increased by 47%
  • Increase in marketing qualified leads by 23%

Email Marketing

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