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Are You Using Content Yet?

Bombarded by up to 5000 ads each day, people are simply switching off from traditional marketing methods. Luckily, there is an alternative.

Rather than renting space on media channels, brands are now becoming  their own publishers, creating valuable content to attract their ideal audience to them, rather than hunting them down when they least want to be disturbed. In the digital age it has never been easier to connect with an audience and create your community.

Starting with a strong content marketing strategy, we’ll help you develop a unique plan based on your audience personas and customer journey. By creating engaging content that is relevant and valuable to your audience, we’ll help you increase your credibility and develop trust within the market.

The rich content hosted on your site in the form of written content, visual assets, video or audio are key to optimising your search efforts and attracting qualified customers to your website.

Attract Visitors to Your Site

Not all traffic is created equal. Our inbound marketing strategies focus on generating the right traffic to your website with relevant and engaging content.

Engage with Great Content

By understanding your ideal customer and what challenges they face at each stage of the purchase journey, targeted content can effectively move them through the sales funnel.

Convert Visitors Into Leads

Building email nurturing workflows to further qualify prospects, sales can more effectively move them through the funnel and create an inbound buying experience that delivers happy customers.

Protect & Build Loyalty

Your customers can be your most loyal fans and biggest promoters. Inbound marketing brings everything full-circle with engagement strategies designed to keep customers coming back for more.

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A Global Recruiters Inbound Strategy

A global recruitment company’s Australian operation asked us to implement an effective inbound strategy to attract and convert clients across each of their sectors. With a combination of blog posts, social media and email marketing we applied the inbound methodology to attract new clients and turn them into hot leads for their sales team to follow up on. In the first six months, we provided their sales team with over 600 new contacts.

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