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4 ways to use LinkedIn Pulse to Grow your Business

In growing any business, content is key. Good content is part of building [...]

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Google Partner Masterclass – What’s New?

Last week we attended the latest Google Partner Masterclass in Sydney. The Masterclasses [...]

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5 reasons why you should use paid search

Clients and customers are astute researchers these days – looking up reviews, feedback [...]

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The pros and cons of paid traffic

Why choose paid traffic? We weigh up the pros and cons Paid traffic [...]

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Websalad is one of the First Certified Google Partners in Australia

We’re excited to announce that Websalad have become a certified Google Partner – [...]

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Better your quality score!

If you’ve never had primary experience with a Google AdWords campaign, you mightn’t have an understanding of how Google determines the cost of your target keywords. Not to worry, this element of Google paid search does carry a bit of a vague element. That’s why we wanted to shed some light on how your cost per click (CPC) is determined, and the mechanics behind what goes in to effectively lower the costs of a PPC campaign.

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Customer Reviews Meet Their Match with Microformats

There’s a new trend on the rise in search: it’s called microformat data. Despite its technical nature, the roots of this new method of data presentation are anchored heavily in your customer reviews strategy. Previously, we’ve hinted towards customer review and why they matter. Microformat data is another reason for our persistence in getting this message across!

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Mobile Search Statistics: July Commentary

Over the past 4 months we’ve witnessed a continuing increase in the percentage share of site visits from traffic operating on mobile devices. To give you a deepened insight into the share percentages, we’ve decided to include a data table from which our averages are derived. Check it out!

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PPC Advertising: Why outsource it?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising can be considered a valuable addition to any marketing mix, particularly when looking to supplement branded online campaigns as well as generate valuable leads throughout the crucial stages of your sales cycle.

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Google Continues With Its Personalised Push

In monitoring Google’s activity over the 2009-2010 periods, we’re beginning to see a stronger push towards the personalisation of all search results. Google has deployed a multitude of tactics in order to make the user’s experience more ‘personable’ and much more wholesome. Conventional search engine ranking methods have undertaken another metamorphosis in the past two years in conjunction with the search engine’s people-friendly evolution…

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