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How Online Reviews Can Affect Your SEO

Did you know 90% of customers have said that online reviews affect their [...]

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Understanding Google Snack Pack

In July 2014, Google launched Pigeon, which aimed to optimise the rankings of [...]

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5 steps to monitor your reputation online

Reputation isn’t built in a day. Each blog post, social share, or comment [...]

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A Valuable Insight Into Online Reputation Management

When it comes to their online presence, many businesses are dogmatic towards the internet after hearing that the web can at times present itself to be vicious and ruthless in tarnishing the reputation of a brand name or a company. In the past, we’ve seen many big conglomerates crumble under the screaming pressures of the web world. It is perfectly understandable for business owners to be turned off by an online presence, but don’t fret yet… Why? …Because it’s going to happen anyway.

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Nestle’s Online Reputation Melts Away

Yet another important development through the merciless tendencies of social media, this time being used negatively to tarnish a big brand’s online reputation, this time the target is popular Swiss food company Nestle and the social media bully is Green Peace.

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A Case of the ORM: Retravision Bunbury

Retail is tough. Online retail is even tougher. The internet is an open-source community, a cyber-domain for the public in which any Tom, Dick or Harry can dwell and speak their mind about a product or service. With retail comes the inevitability of positive and negative feedback, but there’s a difference – the sentiment is broadcast live, is indexed and can be viewed by millions and millions of users worldwide.

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Online Reputation Management: Know Where You Stand

Where does your online reputation stand? For the budget conscious brand-advocate, [...]

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Reputation & Andy Beal’s ‘Radically Transparent’

'Radically Transparent' discusses brand names in an online world Andy Beal, [...]

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Reputation Management & The Digitising of Archives

What's online with your name on it? More than you think [...]

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Aussie government gets caught on Wikipedia

Anyone can edit Wikipedia - even our Federal government I've been [...]

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