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Lead Generation through Inbound Marketing & Automation

Websalad is a B2B inbound marketing company that helps companies optimise their website to generate quality business leads. We provide digital marketing services and platforms to:


Grow your online reach by attracting visitors to your site

We believe not all traffic is created equal. Our inbound marketing strategies focus on generating the right traffic to your website through relevant and targeted content. By leveraging tools such as blogging, social media promotion and persona-driven keywords, we help you attract the type of traffic that turns into leads.

Engage those visitors with great content

Your company's success relies on understanding who your ideal customer is and what challenges they face. With clearly defined buyer personas and key messages you know will resonate, we can effectively use marketing and sales to move them through the funnel.

Convert those visitors into leads with targeted and personalised communications

In order to close the type of customers that will grow your business, it's essential that your marketing and sales teams are aligned. Marketing will focus on building email nurturing workflows that further qualify those prospects so that sales can more effectively move them through the funnel and create an inbound buying experience that delivers happy customers.

Protect and build loyalty, helping you close those leads and delight your customers

It's important to develop strong and lasting relationships with your customers as they are your most loyal fans and biggest promoters. Inbound marketing brings everything full-circle with engagement strategies designed to position your business as a resource for your customers, gets them excited about your offerings and keeps them coming back for more.